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Quick4 Chambers Used to Treat De-icing Fluid at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

In 2008, Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) took an innovative approach to treat spent glycol found in stormwater during the deicing season. The aerated wetland system consisted of below-grade gravel beds which were designed to supply oxygen to bacteria that attached to the gravel. The amount of oxygen can be controlled relative to the level of glycol being treated. A vertical flow configuration was selected in which stormwater is distributed uniformly via infiltration chambers. Stormwater flows over the beds and downwards to an underdrain system. The large application area, coupled with large gravel voids, minimizes the probability of clogging. Currently, the system is designed for 10,000 lbs of oxygen demand per day and is roughly the size of four football fields.

Project Snapshot

System Specifications: Vertical flow aerated wetland treatment system with infiltration chambers for treatment of spent glycol from deicing operations

Infiltrator Products Used: Quick4 Standard chambers

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