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Our Culture

For over 30 years Infiltrator has facilitated an open culture where new ideas are encouraged and any mistakes along the way are just part of the process. Jim Nichols, the founder of Infiltrator would tell people, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re flat out not trying hard enough.”

Infiltrator still operates under this philosophy today. Much pride is taken into cultural values that have been established over the years.

  • We compete on innovation.
  • We seek creative solutions to known, perceived or potential issues.
  • We strive to provide innovative products to our customers before they recognize a need.
  • We are product driven with market validation – the ‘best value’ product wins.
  • We practice continuous improvement.
  • We embrace change and expand known boundaries.
  • We do what’s right for the business and customers.
  • We have a set of values that drives our decision making.
  • We live by metrics and facts.
  • We make decisions quickly.
  • We have the freedom to fail.
  • We want to help our people be the best they can be.
  • We provide a challenging employee environment: “You won’t be bored!”
  • We let managers manage independently.
  • Everyone can be heard through an open culture.