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Advanced Wastewater Treatment Applications and Benefits

Decentralized wastewater treatment systems allow for a customized
solution based on the specific needs and characteristics of the local
area. From reduced infrastructure costs to managed aquifer recharge
(MAR), decentralized systems offer a resilient and reliable approach
to wastewater treatment, minimizing potential environmental impacts
while offering flexibility and scalability. They can be easily upgraded
or modified to incorporate new technologies or adapted to evolving
regulatory requirements.

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IWSH Completes Septic System Pilot Project in Navajo Nation

Baca-Prewitt, Navajo Nation, New Mexico (Sept. 6, 2023) – As part of its ongoing collaboration with the DigDeep Navajo Water Project, the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH) recently designed and installed two pressurized mound septic systems in the Baca-Prewitt area of the Navajo Nation, about 40 miles east of Gallup, New Mexico. These two sites will now serve as a demonstration for Navajo Nation authorities and members of the community so they can see how engineered systems could be selected, designed and utilized on the reservation. The community is now also able to learn about the functionality, maintenance, and appearance of pressurized systems.

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