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Five Benefits of EZflow for Septic Systems

Have you ever been challenged with the installation of a septic system on a tight lot needing to maximize treatment in a small footprint? The sizing reduction for utilizing chambers over stone and pipe can only take you so far. A stone and pipe drainfield can be installed deep to maximize the space. Of course, the downside of stone and pipe would be more labor. There’s an easier way! The answer is EZflow septic.

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by Trevor Gillespie  | 

Three Benefits of the Delta ECOPOD for Residential Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Oftentimes when faced with the task of designing or installing an onsite wastewater treatment system for a single-family home it’s not always as simple as a conventional septic system that includes a septic tank and drainfield. When a conventional septic system cannot be installed an advanced treatment system like the Delta ECOPOD series will need to be explored.

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by Travis Johnson  | 

The Science Behind the Strength of Infiltrator Chambers and Tanks

Corrugated shapes can be found in a variety of materials including but not limited to corrugated cardboard, plastic sheet, metal siding and roofing, and metal and thermoplastic pipe. The shapes within the corrugations provide greater strength to products than what they would have using just a flat sheet of the same material. For example, corrugated metal roofing is better able to support a heavy snow load than a flat sheet of the same metal. The advantage corrugated shapes provide is the creation of many small interconnected “beams” that collectively serve as reinforcing structures, leading to improved load-resisting capability. Infiltrator’s molded thermoplastic Quick4 and Arc chambers and IM-Series tanks employ corrugated designs. 

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by David Lentz, P.E.  | 

Making Wastewater Treatment Convenient: Three Design Tips for Convenience Store Wastewater Treatment Systems

Convenience stores generate hundreds to thousands of gallons of high strength wastewater each day requiring specialized treatment for long-term sustainability. Onsite wastewater treatment is the only solution for convenience stores where a centralized sewer system is not available. Having a properly engineered system will save money and prevent premature system replacement.

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by Allison Blodig  | 

How to Contact Customer Service at Infiltrator

At Infiltrator Water Technologies our Customer Service Team is committed to providing prompt responses and exceptional experiences. In order to improve our response time to your order requests and emails, we have implemented a series of new email addresses for each of our sales regions. 

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Posted 4/23/2021