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BLOG: Three Types of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

A decentralized wastewater treatment system is an effective and efficient solution for residential, commercial, or small municipal applications as an option to centralized sewers or where connection to a centralized sewer system is not available. The decentralized approach to wastewater treatment involves the use of a treatment system that is located at or near the site where wastewater is generated, such as a small community, subdivision, school, RV park/campground, fuel station, or industrial work site. There are a variety of proven options for wastewater treatment systems. The following is a listing of three wastewater treatment system solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment: 

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by Aaron Burke, P.E.  |    |  Comments 

BLOG: Five Benefits of Gravelless Onsite Wastewater Treatment Infiltration Systems

Gravelless onsite wastewater treatment infiltration systems have become the most common approach to onsite wastewater infiltration for a variety of systems including single-family residential to larger-flow multi-residence or commercial systems. Gravelless solutions for onsite wastewater treatment are readily available through your local wholesaler. Here are five benefits of the gravelless approach to onsite wastewater treatment.

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BLOG: Six Tips for Designing Aerobic Treatment Unit Systems

Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) are advanced wastewater treatment systems that are alternatives on tight lots where there is no room for conventional treatment or on sites with poor environmental conditions that don’t allow for conventional treatment. Depending on the technology, some aerobic treatment plants can be used for treatment of high-strength wastewater or for nitrogen treatment. Here are six tips for designing ATUs:

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