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Six Wastewater Treatment Best Practices for Campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks

In the past year we’ve seen a shift in the way many people are vacationing. There’s been a shift in demand for plane trips and hotel-based stays to motor homes and recreational vehicles (RVs). The increased interest in RV parks and campgrounds presents new challenges to property owners including wastewater treatment. Many of these parks are located well outside the boundaries of centralized sewer systems which means they require significant investment in decentralized treatment systems.

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by Allison Blodig & Aaron Burke P.E.  | 

Decentralized Solutions for Community Wastewater Treatment Challenges

There are many decentralized wastewater treatment options available to small towns and communities. Here at Infiltrator we’ve had the privilege of working with communities, engineers, and installers to bring customized wastewater treatment options to these areas. Here are a few examples of how Infiltrator assisted small communities with fulfilling their wastewater treatment requirements and saving the expense of a wastewater treatment plant.

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by Dennis Hallahan, P.E.  | 

Obvious-But-Not-Obvious: A Big-Picture View of Biological Wastewater Treatment

Many of us have mentors that we look up to as wise practitioners and professional counsellors during our formative years as young engineers. These folks often have small tidbits of knowledge that transform how we think about a particular topic. I would like to share a few special pieces of wisdom that have been shared with me over the years.

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by Aaron Burke, P.E.  | 

Five Benefits of the Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System

The Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) treatment system is a passive, non-mechanical secondary wastewater treatment system that provides both effluent treatment and dispersal in the same small footprint. Since the 1990’s, AES has been installed in residential and commercial wastewater treatment applications throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally in Europe and Australia. In addition to holding NSF/ANSI 40 and BNQ certification, the AES treatment system offers several benefits to septic system installers and homeowners.

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Posted 1/15/2021