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The Top Ten Septic System Myths

We have all heard them. Is Biomat bad? Does a distribution box or header manifold provide equal distribution? Earlier this week I presented a webinar that scientifically explained common myths surrounding septic systems. As an industry, it’s important to deliver consistent science-based message surrounding these myths that haunt many of us. Let’s review those common myths of the onsite wastewater industry.

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by Dennis Hallahan, P.E.  |    |  Comments 

Defining Wastewater: Flows And Elements Of Wastewater Treatment Systems

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to present a webinar covering some wastewater basics, Wastewater 101. This one-hour session covered a wide range of wastewater topics starting with the reason we started to treat wastewater in the first place all the way through where we are today with what we know about wastewater and how we design effective treatment. Today, I would like to dive a bit deeper into terms surrounding wastewater system design. In order to design a wastewater treatment system it is important to first understand flow and what elements are required to be treated.

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by Aaron Burke, P.E.  |    |  Comments