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Presby Environmental Online Training Programs

In an effort to provide product support to onsite wastewater treatment system professionals as well as home and business owners, Presby Environmental offers Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES), Enviro-Septic® (ES), and technology certification classes free of charge.

In most states, certification is required in order to design or install AES and ES technology. See your state’s page on this website for details on certification requirements and availability of education credits (CEUs/TCHs/PDHs). The classes are also a great way to learn more about our product, even if you are not seeking certification.

Upon successful completion of the class, a link for a downloadable certificate will be available on the results page.

General Instructions

1. Required Reading

2. Online Certification Training

3. Online Certification Test

  • After watching the videos, return to your state's training page, and go to the ‘Online Certification Test’ section.
  • Read the paragraph for test details, then click the ‘Online Certification Test’ link.
  • Fill in the information on the first page, then take the quiz.
    • Warning: If you close the browser during the quiz, all answers will be lost, and you'll have to start over. If this happens, call us at (800) 473-5298, ext. 28 and we will help you recover the questions you’ve already answered.
  • When you’re done with the quiz, submit the answers. We will automatically receive your test results; if you passed, a link to a downloadable certificate will be generated on the results page.

Class Outline

  1. Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® Technology
    1. 1a. Treatment Process
    2. 1b. Design & Installation Techniques
    3. 1c. System Design Examples
  2. Septic System Do’s & Don’ts
  3. Product Line
  4. Utilization of Website Tools
  5. Question & Answer Session
  6. Technical Support

State Training

If you design and/or install systems in any of the following states:
then please proceed to that state’s training page to take the certification test.

US Map

General Training

General training is for states not listed above. 

We require individuals who wish to design or install an Advanced Enviro-Septic® System be certified by attending our Design and Installation Certification Class. The class offers various design and installation configurations, troubleshooting techniques and tricks of the trade. Please contact Ashley Garrison at or (800) 473-5298, ext. 28 to obtain certification training materials.