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Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic Pipe Orientation

Posted on by Dennis Fogg

Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic are leachfield products for residential and commercial onsite wastewater treatment systems. Both offer combined treatment and dispersal in a single footprint without electrical requirements. We often get the question of how the pipes should be oriented during installation.

Both Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic pipes are properly marked with the product name in two places; on the product label and on the seam.

As you can see from the photo above the Enviro-Septic pipe has the same components surrounding the diameter of the pipe. Because of this, there is no manufacturer requirement of how the pipe should be oriented during installation. However, there may be local regulatory requirements so please refer to your local code prior to installation.

The Advanced Enviro-Septic pipe on the other hand is slightly different in that it includes a layer of white Bio-Accelerator Fabric. This layer provides a number of benefits:

  • Ensure distribution of wastewater along the entire length of the pipe;
  • Helps accelerate the development of biomat;
  • Screens more solids from the wastewater;
  • Facilitates a quick start-up of the system;
  • Enhances and accelerates treatment; and
  • Provides additional treatment surface.

When installing Advanced Enviro-Septic, the portion of the pipe with the Bio-Accelerator Fabric should be oriented towards the bottom or the 6 o’clock position with the seam of the pipe at the top or 12 o’clock position.

We’ve also developed this Pro-Tip Video to help explain how to position Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic during installation.

Watch: Enviro-Septic Pipe Orientation

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