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How to Vent an Advanced Enviro-Septic or Enviro-Septic System with a Pump System

Posted on by Kevin Moreau, EIT

Using a pump with an Advanced Enviro-Septic or Enviro-Septic system will cut off the airflow up from the low vent and out through the high vent if the roof stack of the building is being utilized. To ensure proper venting there are a couple of options. A high vent can be piped out of an unused outlet on the distribution box, or a bypass vent line can be run from the vent box back to the pump chamber (see details below).

Pump System Vent Locations

  • A low vent is installed through an offset adapter at the end of each section, basic serial bed or attached to a vent manifold. 
  • A high vent is attached to an unused distribution box outlet. 
  • The low and high vents may be swapped, provided the distribution box is insulated against freezing in cold climates.
  • For options to eliminate the high vent, see Bypass Venting. 
  • For options to relocate the high vent, see Remote Venting. 

Bypass Venting

When a field is fed using pumping or dosing, it is necessary to provide air flow through the system by using either an independent high vent at the field or "bypass venting." For bypass venting, the system is plumbed by attaching Sch. 40 or SDR 35 PVC from the distribution box back to the septic tank or pump chamber if no effluent filter is present. This process bypasses the pump line and allows air to flow from the low vent to the roof vent which functions as the high vent. The bypass vent line invert must rise two inches above the distribution box before dropping to the pump chamber or septic tank. 

Remote Venting

If site conditions do not allow the vent pipe to slope toward the system, or the owner chooses to utilize remote venting for aesthetic reasons (causing the vent pipe not to slope toward the system), the low point of the vent line must be drilled creating several quarter-inch holes to allow drainage of condensation. This procedure may only be used if the vent pipe connecting to the system has:

  • A high point that is above the highest point of all Advanced Enviro-Septic or Enviro-Septic pipes or the distribution box; and, 
  • A low point opened for drainage which is above the SHWT (see diagram below). 

Refer to your state's manual for additional information.

About the Author

Kevin Moreau, EIT, Environmental Engineer 

Kevin joined Infiltrator Water Technologies in 2021 as an Environmental Engineer after graduating with his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Western New England University. Prior to joining Infiltrator Kevin worked with a surveying crew allowing him to gain experience on septic system installation sites. Today he works with engineers and installers to design and draft residential and commercial septic systems and provide technical support.