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Septic System Maintenance Tips for Vacation Homes

Posted on by Rachael Atienzar

A vacation home should provide just that, a vacation. But there are several things to keep in mind if a vacation home has a septic system. Simple steps can help ensure that the septic system remains in proper working order and prevent spoiling a vacation time with a costly and time-consuming mess.

Here is some basic guidance for keeping up with septic system maintenance at a vacation home.

Inspection: Homeowners should regularly inspect the portion of the yard where the leach field is located. The presence of bad odors or bright green grass could be a sign of septic system failure. Observation of either should prompt a call to a licensed septic system service provider. Septic systems should also be regularly inspected by a licensed septic system service provider in addition to the homeowner regularly inspecting the yard. 

Preventative Maintenance: The most important aspect of preventative maintenance is septic tank pumping. Homeowners should work with a local septic system service provider to develop a schedule that fits the needs of the property.

Proper Septic System Care: Homeowners should practice proper care of the septic system from within the home. Most importantly homeowners need to understand what should and should not be flushed or placed in drains. The EPA has great resources advising homeowners on proper care for their septic system.

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Rachael Atienzar, Project Engineer

Rachael joined Infiltrator Water Technologies in January 2019 as a Project Engineer. She graduated with her B.S. in Geology from the University of New Orleans 2015. After graduation she worked for an engineering consultant as a staff geologist in the New Orleans and Hartford areas.  Rachael spends her time at Infiltrator working on commercial and residential septic system design, product regulation, and research and development initiatives.