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Seven Tips for Creating a Strong Customer Outreach Program

Posted on by Donna Fiorentino

Building customer loyalty and gaining new business is a constant challenge for any business. Customers can easily be targeted by social media, advertising and email campaigns that are used to entice them to do business elsewhere. It is important to have the tools to cultivate the loyalty of existing customers as well as attract new ones. There are several approaches that can lead to customer loyalty. We have seven tips to keep your customers coming back to you.

  1. Be a Trusted Source: Stay on top of current changes or trends in the industry. Be the expert customers rely on for important information and advice. Let customers know what you can do for them and be a reliable partner.
  2. Get Social: With billions of people on the internet daily it is important to have an online presence. Invest in a professional, easy to navigate website that is mobile-friendly and keep it updated. This allows around the clock customer interaction. Get active on social media. Social media and e-newsletters are great outlets to share news and helpful information.
  3. Incentives: Start a referral program to gain new customers. Offer incentives for referrals and returning customers giving them a reason to come back.
  4. Get Involved: Invest in your community by supporting local organizations, sponsoring sports teams, participating in charity events, and joining business networking groups.
  5. Be Responsive and Reliable: Build credibility by being easy to reach either by phone or email and follow-up quickly to messages. Consider a follow-up call or handwritten note after a job is completed thanking the customer for their business. Handle problems and issues quickly and professionally. Make an impression with a personal touch.
  6. Build your Brand: Develop your brand by identifying your employees with company shirts and vehicles with company logo for a professional appearance. Have company business cards, brochures, or flyers readily available.
  7. Keep in Touch: Reach out to customers regularly by sending friendly reminders about annual maintenance.

About the Author:

Donna Fiorentino
Marketing Communications Coordinator

Donna Fiorentino is the Marketing Communications Coordinator for Infiltrator Water Technologies. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Central Connecticut State University. Donna has been actively involved in the onsite industry for nearly ten years and is passionate about raising awareness for public health. She is the chairperson for the National Onsite Wastewater and Recycling Association's (NOWRA) Marketing Committee. Donna resides in Connecticut with her family.