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Aquaworx™ IPC Panel and Infiltrator Tanks Overcome Shallow Water Table Issues

A small lot on Lake Blackshear point in Cordele, Georgia sat vacant after several potential buyers unsuccessfully attempted to get a septic permit from the Crisp County Health Department. A shallow water table, less than 12,000 sf of total space, and only a 50-foot setback to the lake made squeezing in a primary and replacement drainfield tricky.

The new owners were determined to build a two-bedroom seasonal cabin on the lot. Conventional systems were considered but space limitations prohibited enough square footage for a primary and the required replacement drainfield area and a mound system wasn’t desirable due to limited space for the drainfield and required side slope.

Project Snapshot

System Specifications: Peat fiber biofiltration pretreatment system with direct discharge

Infiltrator Products Used:

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