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California Wastewater Treatment System Meets Sustainability Goals and Recharges the Aquifer

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve is a member of the world’s largest network of university-owned and operated biological field stations and ecological reserves. It supports the University of California’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The 3,280-square-acre property on Mount Hamilton near San Jose, California, was donated to the university in 2007, becoming part of a system of 39 reserves throughout the state that comprise the UC Natural Reserve System.

A renovation of the facilities proposed by the University included new construction of housing to accommodate up to 50 people and facilities including two faculty residences, four cabins, eight seasonal cabins, and a large building to house the utility infrastructure. The plan also featured a massive off-the-grid solar array, battery backup power, generators, solar hot water heaters, water storage, and fire sprinkler pumps. A renovated barn with a research lab, accessible bathrooms and showers, large community kitchen, and presentation space would complete the renovation.

The significant increase to the existing facility necessitated the design of a suitable wastewater system to serve the expansion, protect the surrounding environment, and recharge the aquifer.

Project Snapshot

System Specifications: Gravity flow and pressurized trench wastewater recharge system

Infiltrator Products Used: Infiltrator Quick4 Plus™ HC chambers

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