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ECOPOD from Delta Treatment Systems Solves Waste Treatment Challenges for Rural Alabama Town

System designers recommended an ECOPOD Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit for the two-phase project. The ECOPOD disposes of wastewater quietly, efficiently and with no odor and has no inner tank filters, screens, or diffusers to service. It’s total nitrogen removal capabilities and simple operation make it ideal for small cities and rural communities. For optimum system operation, the ECOPOD units were completed and shipped directly to the site ready for installation including all component equipment required. 

Project Snapshot

45,000 GPD ECOPOD® Advanced Wastewater Treatment 

Infiltrator Products Used:

ECOPOD® Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Drip Disposal System with effluent pump chamber, headworks, tubing, controls, valves, and fittings

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