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First Advanced Enviro-Septic System Installed in the State of Arkansas Enables Expansion of Home Daycare

Space was the primary challenge with this site. Most of the lot was a parking lot; remaining land featured steep slopes and a spring/creek. 

An Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) combined treatment and dispersal system was selected for this site. AES has been tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI 40 has determined that the system is capable of treating domestic strength wastewater to Class I levels. The AES system occupies minimal space and performs aerobic treatment and dispersal in the same footprint. This eliminates the need for a separate drainfield. The 500 GPD system design incorporated an Aquaworx Remediator within the primary septic tank to help bring influent to residential levels and 240 ft. of AES pipe The installed system occupied a total space of 13’x42’.     

Project Snapshot

500 GPD Combined Treatment and Dispersal System for a Daycare 

Infiltrator Products Used:
Advanced Enviro-Septic
Aquaworx Remediator

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