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Improving Wastewater Quality for an Ecologically and Culturally Sensitive Community on the Coast of Hawaii

Delta Treatment was commissioned to provide a treatment solution that would be installed at each individual lodging facility.  Delta’s Whitewater DF60 system was provided to service 26 individual cabins along the coast of the island.  The DF60 is an Pump Vault unit designed to reduce BOD, TSS and ammonia with a 600 gpd design flow capacity.  Wastewater discharged from the cabin flowed into a 500 gallon pre-treatment tank equipped with an effluent filter, then into the Whitewater unit for biological treatment, and finally into a 500 gallon pump tank equipped with a Delta Ecofilter pump vault.  The water was discharged into raised absorption beds, planted with native Hawaiian flora.  Delta provided all tanks, equipment and controls for each system installed.

Project Snapshot

Delta Products Used: Whitewater DF and ECOFILTER Pump Vault

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