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Infiltrator Quick4 Plus Standard Chamber System Enables Expansion of North Carolina State Park Wastewater Treatment System

A remote location, the need for minimal site impact, and restricted funding all made the selection and installation of the large 2,655 GPD system challenging. Further, temperatures of 100 degrees and a threat of rain and unstable weather were a constant challenge. Park officials first considered a conventional stone and pipe drainfield system. Accessibility to the site and a lack of storage area for the stone required and the fall hurricane season timeframe made that impractical. The contractor, Creech’s Plumbing, recommended modifying the design to utilize Quick4® Plus Standard Chambers from Infiltrator Water Technologies to alleviate transportation and storage issues. Chambers were delivered on one truck and easily stored in a cleared area and hand-carried to the installation site.

Project Snapshot

2,655 GPD onsite septic system with Infiltrator chambers for NC State RV Park expansion 

Infiltrator Products Used:

840 Infiltrator Quick 4® Plus Standard Chambers

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