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Quick4 Standard Chambers Instrumental in Installation of Onsite Wastewater System

Camp Hirondelle is a seasonal hunting and fishing camp situated in the heart of the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve in the Province of Quebec. Because of its remote locations, it has no public services including electricity and public water supplies. Three cottages house guests, and there is a camp manager’s residence and a few structures on-site that serve as temporary shelters.

Until recently, wastewater from the lodging facilities was treated using a single septic tank and traditional absorption bed. A site investigation revealed that the absorption bed was hydraulically overloaded causing effluent to break out on the surface and flow in the direction of the lake. After fifteen years of service, the absorption bed was severely impacted by a thick biomat formation and needed to be repaired or replaced for the camp to continue operating.

Project Snapshot

System Specifications
Replacement septic system including absorption bed at seasonal hunting and fishing camp

Design Flow
Two cottages at 1.0 cu. meters per day (265 IGPD);
One cottage at 2.0 cu. meters per day (530 IGPD)

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