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Onsite MBR Systems & EZflow Dispersal Fields Enable Transformation of Reclaimed Strip Mine

The ability to monitor MBR system 24/7 and download data via Aquaworx IPC Control Panel allowed for system adjustments based on usage to increase efficiency and performance.

Giant Goose Ranch covers more than 800 acres in Canton, Illinois and was a coal strip mine in the 1930s and 1940s. The coal veins left 60-80-foot deep holes in the ground, which were left to fill up with water creating some of the deepest lakes in the state of Illinois. The property was reclaimed in the 1950s and turned into a campground. In 2013, the Herman Brothers purchased the property and began an extensive rehabilitation of the existing campground including adding resort cabins and 90 campsites.

To gain approval of the expansion of the resort, a wastewater treatment system was required that could handle fluctuating seasonal flows and protect the sensitive lake environment. Because the property and the lakes are pristine and a key feature of the resort is the fishing, the owners wanted a system designed that would not discharge to the lakes. The owners also wanted the new system with as small a footprint as possible to retain the majority of land for resort campsites and cabins.

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