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Let’s Get Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Out of the Stone Age

Doing things the way they have always been done in many cases is just not a viable option. This includes the outdated practice of using processed gravel as a media in a subsurface wastewater infiltration system (SWIS).

Many still endorse gravel because they are unaware of the benefits new technologies provide. Gravel was listed in the Manual of Septic Tank Practice published in the 1950s by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare as part of the first national standard. Today, in some regions gravel is still considered the preferred choice for septic system drainfields and continues to be used by the “old guard.” Similar to how color televisions replaced black and white, newer septic products are replacing traditional gravel drainfields. Alternatives to gravel are more effective, easier to use, and better protect the environment.

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