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A Primer for Tank Selection & Installation

Tanks are the backbone of most water and wastewater systems, and though the function of a tank as a storage vessel has not changed, the versatility and performance of today’s tanks certainly has. Much of this relates to manufacturing advances that allow for production of strong, lightweight plastic tanks of varying sizes. These new tank designs are durable, allow for easy transportability to remote and challenging sites, and are inert to wastewater constituents boosting longevity. In potable water and rainwater capture systems, plastic tanks have emerged as a top choice.

The key to selecting the right type of tank and tank sizing is most often the site and regulatory challenges. In some areas and applications, designers still prefer concrete or fiberglass tanks. In all systems utilizing tanks, proper installation is critical for maintaining structural integrity and watertightness. Leaking in, leaking out and cracks or open seams in any tank compromise treatment and ultimately result in failure.

Stringent wastewater treatment regulations in environmentally sensitive areas are further catalyzing high-performance tank designs for more system design flexibility, ease of component installation, and easier maintenance.

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