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ECOPOD-N Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit

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Delta ECOPOD-N Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units are an innovative approach to onsite wastewater disposal where nitrogen reduction is required. The ECOPOD-N technology has been tested under NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 with an average nitrogen reduction of greater than 50% and met and exceeded Class 1 requirements with an average effluent quality of 9 mg/L BOD5 and 8 mg/L TSS.

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ECOPOD-N Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units are manufactured to specifications according to wastewater flow requirements available in the following models:


  • Oxygen is pumped into the system allowing the bacteria thrive and grow in much greater numbers than would occur naturally. This “overpopulation” of bacteria speeds the process of breaking down the sewage, making it safe for release into the environment.
  • ECOPOD-N units significantly reduce BOD, TSS, fecal coliforms, and nutrients in the wastewater.
  • Nitrification and denitrification occur in a single tank.
  • Features a fixed-film process which is characteristically stable, reliable and sturdy. Fixed-film is a preferred treatment process for onsite wastewater treatment systems.


  • The fixed film process provides a robust solution suitable for continuous or intermittent use
  • Industry proven solution with both NSF/ANSI 40 and NSF/ANSI 245 certifications
  • Flexible and easy installations in tanks we supply or in 3rd party tanks
  • With no mechanical parts internal to the unit, the ECOPOD-N is easy to maintain
  • Designed specifically to minimize sludge production for lower long-term maintenance
  • Low life cycle costs resulting from efficient design with minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Patented non-clogging air delivery system
  • Support through a dedicated team of engineers who act like an extension of your own team

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