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ENVIRO-AIRE Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit


Delta ENVIRO-AIRE Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units utilize long-standing wastewater treatment technology and scale it to Residential Daily Flowrates. The design has been certified to NSF/ANSI 40 with average effluent quality of 12 mg/L BOD and 16 mg/L TSS.

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ENVIRO-AIRE is manufactured to specifications according to wastewater flow requirements available in the following models:


  • Wastewater enters the first chamber where solids settle out.
  • An extended aeration and oxidation process purifies the sewage by the destruction of organic compounds using naturally occurring bacteria. Continuous mixing with air encourages the biological organisms to consume and break down the organic materials.
  • A final clarifying zone results in a clear and odor-free effluent.


  • Scales large treatment plant processes to meet the needs of the Residential market
  • Industry proven solution with NSF/ANSI 40 certification
  • Flexible and easy installations in a single Infiltrator tank
  • With no mechanical parts internal to the unit, the ENVIRO-AIRE is easy to maintain
  • Low Life Cycle Costs resulting from efficient design with minimal maintenance requirements

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