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Aquaworx Tapper Handheld WI-Fi Enabled Device

Aquaworx Tapper
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The Aquaworx Tapper broadcasts a wireless signal that allows the user to program the Aquaworx IPC Panel using any Wi-Fi enabled device. The Tapper connects to the panel using a standard RJ45 cable (included) and communicates via a Wi-Fi connection to a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Once connected, the user navigates to a website that has all control settings for the IPC Panel. The Tapper is intended for use with multiple panels and includes a USB slot, allowing the user to capture and download system events and settings onto a removable USB memory device.

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  • WI-FI enabled device 
  • Designed for use with multiple Aquaworx IPC panels
  • Capture and download events onto a removable USB memory device

Installation Manuals:

Download Tapper Instruction Manual ›