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FREE WEBINAR: Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Drainfield Malfunction: Causes, Investigation, Prevention, and Correction

This course is approved for 1 credit hour in:
  • Indiana - Professional Engineers
  • Iowa Onsite Wastewater Association - IOWWA - CIOWTS
  • Massachusetts - Soil Evaluator
  • Massachusetts - System Inspectors
  • National Environmental Health Association - NEHA
  • New Hampshire - Designers & Installers
  • New York - Land Surveyors
  • New York - Professional Engineers
  • Ohio - Sewage Treatment System Contractors

Join us for a FREE live webinar hosted by Infiltrator Water Technologies featuring members of our team. Please note all webinar times are Eastern Standard time.

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The lifespan of an onsite wastewater treatment system drainfield is influenced by numerous factors, including siting, vertical separation distance, maintenance, wastewater flow volume, septic tank volume, as well as other factors. The presentation will review methodologies to diagnose problem site systems. The intention is to have the presentation serve as a learning tool on the potential causes, how to investigate and once the problem is understood then recommending a proper solution. The presentation will review: Malfunction investigation basics, septic tank investigation, function of the tank, drainfield investigation, and malfunction issues and examples.

Speaker Biography

Dennis Hallahan, P.E., Technical Director

Dennis F. Hallahan, P.E., is the Technical Director of Infiltrator Water Technologies. Dennis has over twenty-eight years of experience with the design and construction of on-site wastewater treatment systems. He has authored several articles for on-site industry magazines and has given numerous presentations nationally on the science and fundamentals of on-site wastewater treatment systems. Dennis also oversees a department that is responsible for product research and testing for both Universities and private consultants. 

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