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High strength waste is a challenge for any type of wastewater treatment system. This is apparent in restaurant facilities, where the design life of the system is significantly less than a typical residential system. This can also be a factor in other types of business. Each facility type will have unique wastewater characteristics for the designer to consider. Therefore, the more information the designer can obtain, the better the designer can account for distinct conditions. This may include sampling, water meter records and usage patterns. Many of the following recommendations are in excess of code required minimums. The designer should review the costs and benefits of the additional design features with the owner and then it becomes an owner decision. This presentation will review a list of best practices when designing with high strength waste streams.

Speaker Biography

Aaron Burke, P.E., Wastewater Engineer

Aaron brings 17 years of experience to the Technical Services team at Infiltrator Water Technologies.  He has worked in administrative project management, construction, engineering design, and has started two wholly owned companies.  His expertise is in wastewater treatment process design and treatment plant operations.  Aaron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a Master’s of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Norwich University, and is a licensed professional engineer, LEED accredited professional, and certified wastewater operator.

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