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Source Water Protection and OWWS-Are We Drinking the Same Water as Dinosaurs?

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The water cycle now, as in the time of dinosaurs, is a closed loop; no new water is created. The water cycle is a complex model, continuous movement of water within/around Earth, from surface water to clouds, precipitation to groundwater, drinking water to wastewater. The cycle does not end with wastewater, as water continuously moves within the cycle, which is why source water protection is critical. This presentation is an overview of source water protection, the role properly functioning onsite wastewater systems play in maintaining healthy, well-functioning watersheds. Best management practices specific to onsite systems will be addressed, along with how the onsite wastewater treatment system industry impacts the often-misunderstood link between wastewater, watersheds, and drinking water protection. So yes, the water you drink today may very well have been drunk by a thirsty T-Rex a long time ago.

Speaker Biography

Sheryl Ervin, P.G., Senior Regulatory Specialist

Sheryl has worked in the onsite wastewater industry for 16 years, both as a state regulator and a manufacturer’s representative. Prior to joining Infiltrator Water Technologies in 2019 as a Senior Regulatory Specialist, she managed the state of Kansas source water protection program and held the position of Program Manager for the State of Kansas Local Environment Protection Program which managed the onsite wastewater program. Ms. Ervin has also worked in the environmental and oil industries. on the Kansas Small Flows Association Board of Directors, including five as treasurer, for four years on the SORA Board of Directors, including one as president, continues to actively participate in SORA as an industry member and has participated in NORWA and NSF work groups. She co-authored the SORA paper Decentralized Onsite Wastewater Technologies Sustainable Green Infrastructure Protects Source Water Quality and Public Health in 2017. Sheryl has a bachelor’ and master’s degree in Geology and is a licensed professional geoscientist in the state of Texas.

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