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Achieving Secondary Wastewater Treatment Standards using Zero-Energy Technology

  • Indiana - Professional Engineers
  • Iowa Onsite Wastewater Association - IOWWA - CIOWTS
  • Maine - Plumbing Inspectors
  • Maine - Soil Evaluator
  • Maine - Voluntary Certification for On-Site System Contractors
  • Massachusetts - Soil Evaluator
  • Massachusetts - System Inspectors
  • New Hampshire - Designers & Installers
  • New York - Land Surveyors
  • New York - Professional Engineers
  • Ohio - Sewage Treatment System Contractors

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Combined treatment and dispersal (CTD) technology is a reliable, sustainable, non-electric, low impact means of treating domestic wastewater to secondary standards and dispersing the treated water to the native soil within the CTD system footprint. This presentation will go over the basic elements of CTD technology; including what it is, how CTD systems function, and why the systems are increasingly becoming an important solution for wastewater management professionals. 

Speaker Biography

Dave Lentz, P.E., Regulatory Director

Dave Lentz manages Infiltrator Water Technologies’ government affairs department, with responsibility for regulation of the company’s effluent dispersal, tank, and treatment product lines. Nationally, Infiltrator is involved in rule making, legislation, and industry standards development supporting the onsite wastewater treatment system industry. Dave has 25 years of experience related to soil and groundwater systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in structural engineering and a Master’s degree in geotechnical engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer.

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