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Encore - Emerging Water Pollution Concerns in Wastewater Treatment

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Time has taught us lessons about the long-term impacts of releasing pollutants, whether historical nitrogen compounds like ammonia/nitrate or more recent “forever chemicals” (polyfluoroalkyl). As a result, regulatory constraints on discharge of untreated pollutants from wastewater treatment systems are soon expected to tighten in new efforts to protect human health and the environment. This presentation will discuss historical and emerging pollutants that are expected to be included in future regulatory guidelines and address their implications in context of decentralized wastewater treatment.


Speaker Biography

Emmy Radich, Ph.D.,
Wastewater Research Engineer 

Emmy has been focused on clean water since the beginning of her career in 2003 after graduating with her BS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University. Initially she served as an environmental regulator for the state of Mississippi where she was born and raised, after which in 2005 she joined a startup bioenvironmental research lab focusing on wastewater, bioremediation, and consumer product biodegradability research. In 2009 she earned her MS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University, and in 2014 she was awarded a PhD in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2014 from the University of Notre Dame. She served as faculty in chemical engineering for nearly a decade working on integrating clean energy and clean water technologies, and in 2021 she brought her expertise in clean water process innovation to Infiltrator where she currently leads R&D into the process engineering side of advanced decentralized wastewater treatment. 


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