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Specifying Combined Treatment and Dispersal (CTD) for Commercial Applications

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Combined treatment and dispersal (CTD) products have become increasingly popular on the onsite market for providing high levels on treatment in a reduced footprint. While CTD systems shine in small lots with tight restrictions or other various setbacks, through proper design procedure they also work seamlessly with larger commercial design flows. CTD systems are reliable, sustainable, non-electric, low impact means of treating strength wastewater to secondary standards and dispersing the treated water to the native soil within its footprint.


Speaker Biography

Kevin Moreau, Environmental Engineer

Kevin joined Infiltrator Water Technologies in 2021 as an Environmental Engineer after graduating with his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Western New England University. Prior to joining Infiltrator Kevin worked with a surveying crew allowing him to gain experience on septic system installation sites. Today he works with engineers and installers to design and draft residential and commercial septic systems and provide technical support. 



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