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Pipes, Pores, and Other Pathways – Hydraulic Engineering Principles for Onsite Installers

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  • Maine - Local Plumbing Inspectors
  • Maine - Site Evaluator
  • Maine - Voluntary Certification for On-Site System Contractors
  • Massachusetts - Soil Evaluator
  • Massachusetts - System Inspectors
  • National Environmental Health Association - NEHA
  • Nebraska - Onsite Wastewater System Contractors
  • New Hampshire - Designers & Installers
  • New York - Land Surveyors
  • New York - Professional Engineers
  • Ohio - Sewage Treatment System Contractors

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Water flow is a critical aspect of onsite wastewater treatment systems. Understanding its behavior is essential for effective system design, operation, and maintenance. This presentation covers a range of engineering principles associated with water flow in, around, and over onsite wastewater systems.  The discussion encompasses foundational elements of hydraulic engineering such as flow in pipes, water pressure, septic tank function, flow in soil pores and dispersal media, and vegetated and unvegetated open channel and overland flow. The presentation delves into the fundamental principles underlying each flow mechanism and investigates their interactions within the context of onsite wastewater treatment systems through case studies. The insights gained from this discussion can aid in understanding the mechanics of onsite wastewater treatment systems, leading to improved construction, operation, and maintenance for industry practitioners.


Speaker Biography

Dave Lentz, P.E., Regulatory Director 

Dave Lentz manages Infiltrator Water Technologies’ government affairs department, with responsibility for regulation of the company’s effluent dispersal, tank, and treatment product lines.  Nationally, Infiltrator is involved in rulemaking, legislation, and industry standards development supporting the onsite wastewater treatment system industry.  Dave has over 25 years of experience related to soil and groundwater systems.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in structural engineering and a Master’s degree in geotechnical engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer.


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