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Role of Onsite in Sustainable Community Development

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As onsite wastewater treatment and recycling technologies continue to evolve, next generation treatment systems must continue to capitalize on opportunities to reduce cost and footprint while increasing robustness, reliability, and performance. In particular regulatory agencies are more readily moving to protect water resources through rules requiring systems to meet increasing effluent criteria. This presentation unveils new opportunities toward the development of next generation onsite treatment technologies that address coming needs of the water recycling industry while showcasing potential avenues that offer the potential for value-add through various pathways of resource conversion and recovery. A broader view of sustainability as it pertains to the community-scale is necessary as various disparate, heterogeneous industries seek to achieve needed gains in this area. Simultaneously closing the loop on the circular water, food, and energy economies will synergistically drive society toward sustainability.


Speaker Biography

Emmy Radich, Ph.D., 
Advanced Treatment Process 
Engineering Research Manager

Emmy has been focused on clean water since the beginning of her career in 2003 after graduating with her BS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University. Initially she served as an environmental regulator for the state of Mississippi where she was born and raised, after which in 2005 she joined a startup bioenvironmental research lab focusing on wastewater, bioremediation, and consumer product biodegradability research. In 2009 she earned her MS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University, and in 2014 she was awarded a PhD in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2014 from the University of Notre Dame. She served as faculty in chemical engineering for nearly a decade working on integrating clean energy and clean water technologies, and in 2021 she brought her expertise in clean water process innovation to Infiltrator.


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