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Beyond the Septic System: Unique Uses of Infiltrator Products

Infiltrator products have been installed in septic systems throughout the US and Canada since the late 1980’s. But that's not the only use Infiltrator products have served over the years. Have you ever watched a movie or television show and recognized something familiar in the background? Our chambers and tanks have been dressed up and used on movie and television sets and as props in the queue lines for amusement park rides since the early 1990's. In the spirit of Halloween let’s take a look at some of the “costumes” worn by Infiltrator products over the years!

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Five Benefits of Installing Shallow Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Installing a shallow onsite wastewater treatment system can provide many benefits for installers, homeowners, and the environment. Scientific studies provide varied definitions of shallow systems. In summary, a shallow onsite wastewater treatment system is essentially any leachfield installed at a depth of 4 to 24 inches below grade. Shallow systems can be designed and installed as gravity-fed or low-pressure dosing for equal distribution. Here are five benefits of installing a shallow system.

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Four Troubleshooting Tips for the Aquaworx Control Panel

The Aquaworx Intelligent Pump Control box panel provides an innovative approach to pump control. Designed specifically for the onsite industry, the IPC Panel leverages simple pressure transducer technology for the enhancement of pump system performance and ease of installation. Relying on an embedded microprocessor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber, the IPC Panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, and logs events in real-time.

Here are some of the common areas of the panel that our technical services team troubleshoots with customers.

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