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Grow Your Onsite Wastewater Treatment Business Using Free Tools From Infiltrator

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If you own a business, or if you’re in charge of your company’s financial results, you probably ask yourself these questions on a regular basis: “How can we grow this?” and “How can we improve the bottom line?”

There are several avenues to achieve these goals. The standard approaches include landing more customers by increasing marketing effort, and on the profitability side: cutting costs. Another common approach involves broadening your scope of services. This option can be daunting and risky. It usually involves hiring more people and probably hiring people that bring a wider range of expertise, which means ramping up the payroll to a new level. Of course, the timing of hiring new talent can make or break a company. Highly capable talent comes at a cost and if you don’t yet have enough work to keep them busy, it can drain operating cash quickly. So what’s the right answer?

Most growing small companies take on the additional work with the current level of people and ‘just deal with it.’ This can lead to disgruntled workers and owner burnout. There has to be a better way, right? What if you could leverage your growth using the human capital assets of others? What if you could broaden your offering while not taking on new employees?

Leverage Vendor Relationships

In the onsite, decentralized wastewater world, there’s a smart approach that could lower your risk during growth stages and expand the types of customers you service. It involves getting more out of your vendors. Use them to do more of the design and detailing work. Push them to hire engineers and CAD techs to do more for you, then your cost and risk profile is lower as you ease into broader markets and additional services. They will qualify what they do to control their own risk.

Infiltrator can help! We’ve developed a set of standard drawings for our ECOPOD wastewater treatment system. So if you’re a designer or distributor of residential onsite wastewater products, you don’t have to turn away the commercial work – engage us. Use our expertise. If you’re a consulting engineer/designer, we’re developing a terrific set of tools for you to stop saying no to your clients and the commercial projects which are outside of your normal area of expertise. Use our expertise. 

View Drawings

Our Standard Drawings for ECOPOD wastewater treatment systems can improve your offering and help make you more profitable. They provide the following benefits: 

  • Designs from 2,000 GPD to 10,000 GPD for routine domestic wastewater streams in specific environments. We will work with you to make sure they’re applicable to your situation. 
  • Flow and loading capacities, aeration/blower system sizing at various site elevations, and dimensional information to help you select a suitable tank.
  • A recommended process diagram that outlines other best-practices to help develop a successful project.

Meanwhile, what about the tricky wastewater sources like convenient stores, restaurants, RV parks or campgrounds, schools, and others?  We can help with custom system designs too. Just fill out this short form to request design assistance. 

Get Design Assistance

Don’t be afraid of business growth and expanding your offering. Let us help bring value to your business at no additional cost.

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