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Infiltrator Plant Visitor Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

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To ensure that every person in our plants remain safe, we have implemented new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements.  Beginning immediately, all individuals at an Infiltrator Plant location, including freight vendors and customers picking up product, will require the following PPE:

  • High Visibility Vests: High visibility vests, jackets, or shirts are to be worn by all personnel on the site in shipping lots and manufacturing areas to ensure better visibility of individuals within the production and processing areas.
  • Steel-Toed Boots: Sturdy steel-toed boots with slip-resistant soles are essential for protection against hazards in shipping lots and manufacturing areas.
  • Safety Glasses: Safety glasses with side shields are mandatory for all everyone entering areas with dust, debris, or potential flying objects. Eye protection is required on the shop floor. 
  • Ear Protection: In areas with high noise levels, ear protection in the form of earplugs or earmuffs must be worn to safeguard against hearing damage. Hearing protection is required on the shop floor in all buildings as well as in production areas.

We appreciate you adhering to these PPE requirements when visiting our sites to pick up your orders. Maintaining a safe environment for all is our commitment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements, please reach out to your Customer Account Specialist.