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Map a Truck Tool for Ordering Infiltrator Tanks and Chambers

Posted on by Ken Seale

Our new Map a Truck Tool will help you and your Customer Account Specialist map out exactly what is on your next truckload order of Infiltrator products for an efficient and streamlined delivery. 

This video will take you through the steps of using the Map a Truck Tool for your next order. Detailed instructions have been added below the video. 

  • Contact your Infiltrator Customer Account Specialist to request the Map a Truck Tool. This is an Excel file with multiple tabs. You will only need to enter data on the tab highlighted in yellow that is titled "Truck Calc Tab." There is a tab labeled "Map Instructions" that can be referenced while using the tool. 
  • There are drop down boxes in each cell of the truck bed (D11:O13). You can select the item number by clicking on the arrow to the right of the cell, or you can enter it manually. The item numbers are abbreviated in some cases. for a full list of items, look at the tab labeled "Item Dimensions Tab" for descriptions to find the correct item you want. If you enter something incorrectly, a message box will appear indicating that you have made an incorrect entry. 
  • The truck size and type will calculate automatically based on the items you enter on the map. 
  • Enter tanks in the first row of the truck bed only (cell row D11:O11). You must enter "X" for additional spaces taken up by the tank pallets in the same row. Items: 1060, 1280, and CM1060 will require one "X" in the cell to the right. Items 1530 and 1760 will require two "X" cells to the right of the item. 
  • Errors will appear in red in rows 20 and 22 advising you that the items you have next to each other will not fit the across width of the trailer bed. 
  • Cells G17, I17, and K17 will keep track of the truck length. If all three of those cells turn red, then you have too much on the order for a 53' truck and you will need to remove items. 
  • If the truck has more than one stop, list each stop in the spaces of cells I3, I4, and I5. Place the first stop on the left side (tail) of the truck and highlight items for each stop matching the colors from lines 4 and 5. 
  • Use the Special Instructions box to add any notes that will be helpful for your Customer Account Specialist when processing your order. 
  • The Pallet Calculator will help you convert units to pallets. When you enter an item in cells U4:U19, the quantity per pallet (Q/pl) and description will automatically populate. 
  • Use the cells in U26:W41 to track whether or not you have entered all the items onto the truck that you want. It will calculate whether or not you have put in enough. The "Status" column will show "Balance Remaining" if you need to add more, "Good" if you have added as much as you wanted, or "Over" if you put on too many. 

Please contact your Infiltrator Customer Account Specialist with any questions you have regrading the use of this tool.