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First Infiltrator ATL System in Monroe County, NY Replaces Failing Residential Septic System

A Pittsford, NY residential onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) was originally installed in the 1970s and was beginning to fail. The owner of the three-bedroom home needed a replacement but wanted to preserve their investment in extensive landscaped areas.

In addition to a limited footprint for a new OWTS, within the available footprint there were areas of steep slopes, high groundwater, and soils which would not perc. The existing OWTS utilized two concrete single-compartment septic tanks, one for blackwater and one for greywater. Both septic tanks discharged to the same leachfield. The natural slope of the site resulted in stormwater flowing naturally toward the existing OWTS and proposed OWTS footprint. 

Project Snapshot

System Specifications
ATL by Infiltrator modular geotextile media, sand-lined wastewater treatment and dispersal leachfield system

Infiltrator Products Used
540 square feet of ATL by Infiltrator

Design Flow
3150 GPD

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