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Advanced Treatment Leachfield

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Advanced Treatment Leachfield by Infiltrator is a passive advanced leachfield treatment system designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainfields. The ATL system is a sand-lined treatment and dispersal leachfield system consisting of 6 components.

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How It Works

Upon entering the system, septic tank effluent progresses through each component listed below.

  1. 4" diameter pipe
  2. Large-diameter synthetic aggregate
  3. Fine geotextile
  4. Small-diameter synthetic aggregate
  5. Coarse geotextile
  6. 6" thick system sand

Upon exiting the system sand, the treated effluent enters the underlying native soil.


  • Produces Class 1 (EPA secondary) treated effluent
  • A passive advanced leachfield treatment – no moving parts or power required
  • Modules are quick and easy to install
  • Shallow system maximizes site suitability and reduces amount of sand fill required
  • No venting and sand cover requirements

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