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Advanced Treatment Leachfield by Infiltrator is a passive advanced leachfield treatment system designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainfields. The ATL system is a sand-lined treatment and dispersal leachfield system consisting of 6 components.

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How It Works

Upon entering the system, septic tank effluent progresses through each component listed below.

  1. 4" diameter pipe
  2. Large-diameter synthetic aggregate
  3. Fine geotextile
  4. Small-diameter synthetic aggregate
  5. Coarse geotextile
  6. 6" thick system sand

Upon exiting the system sand, the treated effluent enters the underlying native soil.


  • Produces Class 1 (EPA secondary) treated effluent
  • A passive advanced leachfield treatment – no moving parts or power required
  • Modules are quick and easy to install
  • Shallow system maximizes site suitability and reduces amount of sand fill required
  • No venting and sand cover requirements

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Should the raised connections be glued together?

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Can the roof vent be used as the high vent?

The house (roof) vent functions as the high vent as long as there are no restrictions or other vents between the low vent and the (roof) vent. Please visit the Venting section for more information on recommended vented techniques.

Do septic systems freeze in extremely cold conditions?

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