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Mound Infiltration System Handles Seasonal Flow Variations for Western Canada Airport Upgrade

Private septic system for a three-bedroom, single family dwelling and airport terminal
that includes two bathrooms. Total peak wastewater design flow per day is 800 imperial
gallons. The average operating flow is expected to vary from 100 to 500 imperial gallons
per day. Based on the test pits and soil analysis, it was determined that a treatment
mound would be the best option to handle the wastewater from the terminal and the
caretaker’s residence. The wastewater treatment system, designed by MAP Services,
includes a septic tank and treatment mound system. This system is suitable for the site
and soil conditions of the property and the design meets the requirements of the Alberta
Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice (Standard).

Project Snapshot

System Specifications: Septic Tank and mound system for regional airport and 2-bedroom caretaker’s residence

Infiltrator Products Used: Quick4 Plus Chambers, IM-Series Tanks and Aquaworx

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