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Presby Enviro-Septic® System Enables Expansion of New Hampshire Town Community Treatment Plant to Accommodate Growth and Preserve Natural Beauty

The Blodgett Landing Community Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 50,000 gallon per day (GPD) facility in Newbury, NH that uses passive treatment, denitrification, and dispersal to purify the town’s wastewater. As the town population grew, facility operators began detecting elevated levels of nitrogen in the effluent and groundwater and began pursuing an upgrade solution. The facility’s limited budget required that any treatment plant upgrade solution be effective and affordable both in upfront cost and ongoing operations and maintenance expense. Additionally, Newbury’s economic dependence on recreational tourism required a solution that would preserve the area’s natural beauty.  

Project Snapshot

System Specifications: 50,000-gallon per day Enviro-Septic Treatment System 
with 4,100 lf of pipe 

Infiltrator Products Used: Presby Environmental Enviro-Septic Combined Treatment and Dispersal System

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