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Advanced Enviro-Septic® Combined Treatment and Dispersal System Provides Reduced Footprint and Cost for Massachusetts Resort

Berkshire East is a four-season mountain resort located in Western Massachusetts. This resort features skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, white water rafting, zip lines, and a mountain coaster. The resort needed to replace an existing septic system serving the main lodge of the mountain that was deemed a failure. Plans for future development of the
property required a new system sized to handle larger future flows.

Presby Enviro-Septic System Solves Septic System Replacement Challenge for Extended Stay Motel

The Riverside Inn in East Machias, Maine experienced abnormally high solids buildup requiring frequent maintenance and sought replacement of its old, concrete-chambered septic system. System designers had to design a new system that would enable the existing system to remain operational during construction to accommodate long-term tenants at the facility. The new system design required State of Maine approval.

Presby Enviro-Septic® System Enables Expansion of New Hampshire Town Community Treatment Plant to Accommodate Growth and Preserve Natural Beauty

The Blodgett Landing Community Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 50,000 gallon per day (GPD) facility in Newbury, NH that uses passive treatment, denitrification, and dispersal to purify the town’s wastewater. As the town population grew, facility operators began detecting elevated levels of nitrogen in the effluent and groundwater and began pursuing an upgrade solution.