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Sample Data From Five-Year-Old ECOPOD E50-N Reveals Performance Above NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 Standards

The ECOPOD E50-N has been tested under NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 with an average nitrogen reduction of greater than 50% and meets Class 1 requirements with an average effluent quality of 9 mg/L cBOD5 and 8 mg/L TSS.

The sample test results of this ECOPOD E50-N reveal optimal performance above NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 standards after five years of regular maintenance and use! The 52% Total Nitrogen reduction outperformed the requirement and cBOD5 and TSS levels fall below the Class 1 effluent quality standards

Project Snapshot

 500 GPD Mixed Use Residential System

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