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Champion Polymer Recycling is a division of Infiltrator specializing in the procurement and processing of the recycled materials that are used in the production of Infiltrator products.

Through Champion Polymer Recycling, Infiltrator diverts over 150 million pounds of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics from landfills each year.

Over the past several years Champion Polymer Recycling has consistently been among the top 25 plastic recyclers in North America, according to Plastics News.

Champion Polymer Recycling’s Role in Infiltrator’s Sustainability Initiatives

Champion Polymer Recycling works with an extensive network of North American recyclers that aggregate waste, scrap, and off-specification thermoplastics. These materials are pre-processed by the recyclers and shipped to an Infiltrator manufacturing facility as a raw material. All materials received by Champion Polymer Recycling are fully tested before being used in the production of Infiltrator products. By purchasing recycled plastic, Infiltrator positively impacts the environment not only by repurposing waste materials for the manufacture of new products, but also by reducing the demand for virgin plastic that would have to be manufactured using non-renewable petroleum resources.

Champion Polymer Recycling is proud to participate in numerous plastic and recycling associations throughout North America:

Recycle with Us:

Do you have raw materials that you would like to sell us? We’re always looking for new suppliers of raw materials. Please fill out the form and someone will respond shortly or call (859) 745-6781.

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