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First Infiltrator ATL System in Genesee County, NY Provides Wastewater Treatment for New Residence

A new home under construction in Elba, NY is the site of the first Infiltrator Advanced Treatment Leachfield (ATL) system in Genesee County. The high-water table present during home construction and small site limited the options for the onsite septic system.

The rural location with frequent power outages eliminated any system that required a pump. Due to the high-water table and small footprint of the site, a traditional drainfield system was not an option. A large mound system was considered however the homeowner did not want a system that would impact the visual landscape. 

Project Snapshot

System Specifications
ATL by Infiltrator modular geotextile media, sand-lined wastewater treatment and dispersal leachfield system

Infiltrator Products Used
300 linear feet of ATL by Infiltrator

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