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Where can I get local installation code, system designs, and product technical questions answered?

Many installation requirements and options are governed by local codes instituted by the health department in your area. When in question, check with the local health department for specifics and follow their code instructions. Any design or installation questions not answered here can be directed to the Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services staff by calling 1-800-718-2754.

In what types of systems can EZflow be installed?

EZflow can be used in almost any septic leachfield application. Wherever stone and pipe can be installed, EZflow can be used. This includes trench, bed, and elevated mound installations. EZflow provides superior treatment capabilities in pressure dosing, level distribution, serial distribution, evapotranspiration, and sand filter applications.

When I install EZflow, how much can the size of the leachfield be reduced?

System sizing is determined by each local health department. The system sizing is normally calculated based on a combination of factors including soil type and volume of wastewater (normally estimated using number of bedrooms). Typically, health departments have approved sizing reductions of 25 to 50 percent when EZflow is specified. Check your local health codes for the specifics in your area.

What is the required distance between EZflow bundles installed in a trench system?

Trench spacing requirements are determined by local regulation, so check with your local health department.

What is the required distance between EZflow bundles installed in a bed system?

In beds, Infiltrator Water Technologies recommends no separation between the sides of bundles.

Can EZflow be installed under a driveway or paved surface?

Most health codes do not allow septic leachfields to be installed under impervious surfaces such as driveways. This is because the surface pressure can compact the soil, resulting in a negative effect on the soil's ability to treat effluent (wastewater). Check with your local health department for the specific codes for your area. If this type of installation is allowed, call Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services staff at 1-800-718-2754 for design and installation instructions.

What is EZflow’s specification for minimum and maximum system cover?

Infiltrator Water Technologies recommends a minimum of 12 inches of compacted cover over EZflow. Maximum allowable cover over EZflow in a trench system is 96 inches. In bed systems, the maximum cover is 48 inches. Always check with your local health codes for specific cover requirements.

Can EZflow be installed around obstacles?

Yes. EZflow has virtually an unlimited ability to contour around existing obstacles.

What prevents soil from entering EZflow through the netting?

A geotextile mesh inside of the netting keeps soil from entering the bundles.