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Where can I get local installation code, system designs, and product technical questions answered?

Many installation requirements and options are governed by local codes instituted by the health department in your area. When in question, check with the local health department for specifics and follow their code instructions. Any design or installation questions not answered here can be directed to the Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services staff by calling 1-800-718-2754.

Are the Infiltrator tanks approved for use in my local area?

All Infiltrator tanks are certified by IAPMO and CSA the most recognized certification agencies for tank technology. Please check with your local health department prior to use to be sure.

Can IM-series tanks be assembled in the field?

No, IM-series tanks can only be assembled by those who have been trained and authorized by Infiltrator Water Technologies to assemble IM-tanks.

Do Infiltrator tanks have any special backfill requirements?

No, Infiltrator tanks can be installed using suitable native soil.

Can Infiltrator tanks be pumped dry during pump-outs?


What type of buoyancy controls can be used in shallow groundwater conditions?

Infiltrator’s tank installation instructions outline when buoyancy control measures are required and are available on this website. If buoyancy control measures are determined to be necessary, the Infiltrator IM Series Septic Tank Buoyancy Control Guidance document is also available on this website and provide specific design options for anti-floatation measures.

What are the specifications for minimum and maximum cover over the tank?

Infiltrator tanks can be installed with a minimum of 6" and a maximum of 48" of cover.

How do I attach the risers to Infiltrator tanks?

Infiltrator’s riser guidance document and a video are available on this website to provide specific design options for attaching a variety of commercially available risers manufactured by Infiltrator Water Technologies.

Can the structural bulkheads be modified or removed from the tank?

No, the structural bulkhead system is an integral part of the tank and cannot be modified or removed.