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Decentralized High Strength Waste Facility Design Recommendations and Best Practices

High strength waste (HSW) presents a challenge for any type of onsite wastewater treatment system. This is apparent in restaurant facilities, where the design life of the system is significantly less than a typical residential system. It can also be a factor in other types of businesses that generate HSW. Each facility type will have unique wastewater characteristics as well as unique site and soil conditions for the system designer to consider. The more information the designer can obtain in advance via effluent sampling, water meter records, usage patterns about the distinct, and potentially problematic conditions, the better the proposed design.

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Advanced Drainage Systems Acquires Infiltrator Water Technologies From Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

HILLIARD, Ohio – (August 1, 2019) – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (NYSE: WMS) (“ADS” or the “Company”), a leading global manufacturer of water management products and solutions for commercial, residential, infrastructure and agricultural applications, today announced the acquisition of Infiltrator Water Technologies, a leader in on-site septic wastewater treatment for a purchase price of approximately $1.08 billion, from an affiliate of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and other stockholders.

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