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Top Five Recorded Webinars Viewed in 2023

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Our live webinar program launched in 2020 and since then we've made over 50 recorded webinars available to watch anytime on our website. Let's review the most popular recorded webinars that were viewed in 2023. 

The Top Five Recorded Webinars Viewed in 2023:

1. Tank Buoyancy and Anti-Flotation Measures

An important consideration in the installation of septic, pump, or holding tanks is the risk of flotation due to the presence of groundwater above the bottom of the tank. The goal of this presentation is to prompt regulators, designers, and installers to think about buoyancy for the installation of any tank installation. 

Presenter: David Lentz, P.E., Regulatory Director

This was our most watched recorded webinar two years in a row! 

Watch: Tank Buoyancy and Anti-Flotation Measures

2. Installation of Gravelless Onsite Wastewater Dispersal Technologies

This presentation covers the installation of gravelless chambers, expanded polystyrene aggregate, and combined treatment and dispersal systems. Various gravity-fed and pressurized/pumped configurations of trenches and beds will be discussed.

Presenter: Carl Thompson, P.E., Vice President Sales and Delta Advanced

Watch: Installation of Gravelless Onsite Wastewater Dispersal Technologies

3. Biomat: Good or Bad? 

One of the most critical parts of an onsite wastewater treatment system is the development of a healthy biomat, yet biomat is not something that can be purchased from a distributor. So, what exactly is the biomat and how does it form in a drainfield?

Presenter: Dennis Hallahan, P.E., Technical Director

Watch: Biomat: Good or Bad?

4. Wastewater 101

This presentation discusses the fundamentals of wastewater characterization and mechanical treatment.  It discusses why we treat wastewater, common definitions, types of wastewater, classification of treatment systems, and basic design examples for selected unit operations.  This topic lays the groundwork for further investigation of mechanical concepts, specific unit operations, and modeling techniques.

Presenter: Aaron Burke, P.E., Wastewater Engineer

Watch: Wastewater 101

5. Interpreting Sieve Analysis

The sand used in Infiltrator's Advanced Enviro-Septic® and ATL treatment fields requires a widely available coarse clean sand. A lab must often test this material to ensure it meets specific requirements. This is known as a sieve analysis or particle distribution test. How a sieve analysis is performed will be described. This webinar will provide installers with a basic understanding of the information found in a particle distribution report and allow them to determine if a material is suitable for use in our systems.

Presenter: Dennis Fogg, Senior Technical Advisor

Watch: Interpreting Sieve Analysis

Live and recorded webinar participants receive a certificate of completion valid for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit. Our webinars are pre-approved in states or you may use the certificate to submit to your accrediting agency.

Thank you for your participation in our webinar program! We look forward to offering additional education topics in 2024. Our live webinars take place on the third Wednesday of every month. Recordings of each live webinar are posted to our website within a week of the live presentation. Please contact us if you have ideas for future webinar topics.